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Hi! I’m Valentina, qualified psychotherapist (MBacp, MSc) in the UK (Manchester). 

I'll tell you a little bit about myself and my story.

However, If you want to read about my professional experience and qualifications please click on the links here below

- Professional background

- Education & qualifications

I'm Italian but lived in the UK for 8 years and am in love with this country (I'm told I've got a bit of northerner accent).

Yes I do speak Italian! So if that is your preferred language that's perfectly fine by me :) 


I'm super passionate about psychotherapy and mental health but believe it or not my first degree was in business. Needless to say, business was not for me, at all!


I felt I was trying to fit into something that just didn't suit me, my values nor my natural talents. So I changed career, I quit my business job very soon after graduating and started the fabulous journey of psychotherapy.

I have also struggled with my mental health in the past, following an emotionally abusive relationship which had left me with no self esteem, little sense of identity and traumatized.


But I was also so grateful I had gotten out of it. If you are in this situation, believe me I understand how hard and scary it is to get out of an abusive relationship. Most of the times we don't even see it. 

So I went to therapy and I finally started to turn my life around and built my self worth back. I also worked on my relationship patterns and boundaries so that I could start building healthy nurturing relationships around me. 

Did my past motivated me to get into this profession? yes and no. I was always a naturally empathetic altruistic person who found happiness in helping others (in addition to my many hobbies).


However my past made me realise,  If I did it, anybody can!

Life can be different, relationships can be a positive experience and with some help, one can become their authentic self! 


Of course we all have different stories, life conditions, privileges and disadvantages to take into account, but I feel confident that you can overcome your challenges,  find your own unique balance and ultimately live your life in the way that sit right with you.

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I always felt hesitant about starting therapy because I knew I'd have to face up to a lot of feelings that I didn't want to acknowledge, but you made this process less scary. I really felt listened to and validated. You are very compassionate and have been extremely patient with me.  
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