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  • Initial assessment (approx 30/45 minutes) - £25

  • Therapy session (1 hour) standard rate - £55


  • Therapy session (1 hour) discount rate* - £35


Initial assessment: this appointment can be helpful if you feel unsure of what type of therapy or support you need and want. As we know there is so many different types of therapy and coaching techniques and it can be overwhelming having to figure out all on your own what would be best suited for you. The initial assessment appointment, can give you a space to explore the different available options you may have and help you make an informed decision. Please note I will not diagnose you nor tell you what you should do. Instead I will provide you with information and reflections that will help you make this decision yourself. 

Also this provides us the opportunity to get to know each other a bit and figure out if we are the right fit. Therapy is a very personal space so it's crucial that we both feel comfortable working together and that you get the right therapist for you. 

The outcome of this appointment could be 1) we decide to work together if your current needs and goals are aligned with the approach I offer and if we both feel we are a good fit;  2) I may signpost you to another therapist or resources if , for whatever reason, we are unable to work together. 

Therapy session

If you already have insight into what you need from therapy and are ready to dive in straight away, then you can book your first therapy session and get started. Your first session will include a part in which we discuss your background, goals for therapy and expectations from therapy and quickly go over the counselling agreement and any questions you may have. 

*I offer discount rates and there are qualifying criteria for this. Please get in touch to discuss your circumstances.  


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