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Seeking online therapy? 

You are in the right place.


I believe counselling should be easily accessible to everyone and  there may be many reasons why you can't or don't want to access face to face therapy.

 You may:

  • have a very busy work/life schedule

  • family commitments

  • caring responsibilities

  • have limited mobility due to health issues

  • may be travelling a lot for work

  • anxiety stops you from leaving your home or going to new places

  • living in a rural area and the closest therapist is 1 hour drive away

  • wish to access a therapist that doesn't live in the same place where you live


All this can make it hard to access therapy as you can't get to your therapist office.


This is why I am passionate about online counselling. Whether it is over the telephone or video, I’m happy to go with the modality that best fit your needs and preferences.

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