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How I can help you

Counselling with me can help you:

  • understand and manage  anxiety, depression, anger, grief so that they no longer have control over your day

  • figure out the causes of your depression and anxiety and why you feel so angry and snappy all the times

  • explore what is actually behind those feelings and patterns

  • better understand your thoughts and behaviours 

  • learn to identify and set boundaries in your relationships 

  • Improve the way you communicate your feelings and needs with your partner/s or family members

  • figure out strategies that work for you so that you can better deal with those challenges after the end of therapy. 

  • feel relieved and lift that weight you’ve been carrying all on your own

  • identify your strengths and qualities and learn how you can apply them to build self esteem and feel confident in your daily life

  • increase self compassion and accept your feelings, even those uncomfortable ones

  • help you process your grief and deal with bereavement

Let's talk about you

You may be feeling like anxiety, depression, anger or grief is taking over your life, you may feel worried about how it’s affecting your relationships, family,  work and even your physical health.


You may be asking yourself ‘ will this feeling ever go away? Where does it come from? Why is this happening to me?

You may be feeling like it’s getting the best of you, making you feeling lost and lonely with nobody to turn to.  You may be riddled with self doubt and feel like it’s just you alone in this situation and it may seem like everyone else is surfing through their lives.  

What's worse is...

You may have tried to talk to friends, families or even other health professionals and left you feeling judged, or made you feel like it’s your fault and you should ‘man up’ or ‘you are too sensitive’ or ‘get your life together’. I’m genuinely sorry if that’s what you’ve been told, it’s wrong and you deserve to be listened with empathy and compassion. 

And again, you may have tried self help books and found them somewhat helpful but they don’t go to the depth that you feel you need. 

You may have had a bunch of unhelpful advice that you heard many times before i.e. go for a walk, do more exercise, eat healthy food, relax. Disappointing right? Whilst doing those things can help and is important, it’s unlikely to be the cause of how you are feeling, there may be something deeper, more complex, that needs to be uncovered. 

What now?

If you feel like it’s time to do things differently and start investing in yourself, then why not take the next step.

Book your first appointment by dropping me an email or text message or fill in the contact form you can find here.


Let’s begin this journey together. 


You can do it. I believe in you!

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