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I need help with my relationships

You may have landed on this page because you are experiencing relationship stress. 

 Perhaps you're feeling drained and defeated for getting into unhealthy relationships over and over in which you feel unappreciated, emotionally abandoned, invalidated, blamed all the times, made to feel guilty and like you can't be your real self.


Maybe relationships don't feel a safe space for you, yet you seem to crave them and struggle to be alone. You experience a great deal of anxiety, insecurity and loneliness despite being with them and it may be triggering jealousy, trust issues, arguments or withdrawing.


You may feel you need a lot of reassurance from your partners or friends all the times and you are worried they may get tired of it at some point and leave you. 

Or perhaps you are single at the moment and you've noticed you tend to avoid or sabotage your dates, it never seem to lead to the committed partnership you desire. Emotional and/or physical intimacy is frightening you.

Whether you are single, in a straight or queer monogamous relationship,  a polyamorous partnership or a different relationship structure, I'm here to help you figure out what you need to develop the healthy, nurturing and fulfilling relationship you deserve.

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