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I totally understand why you'd want this as I'm a queer woman myself.


After all the last thing you want is to go to therapy and feel like you need to teach your therapist about what it means to be LGBTQ+ , live and grow up in a heteronormative, cisnormative society. Nor you want to have to teach them about pronouns, vocabulary or feel like you need to justify who you are. 


Surely you don't want to start opening up to a  therapist to then pick on their discomfort due to their own unconscious homophobic, transphobic bias and unawareness.  

Now, I strongly believe that is impossible to get things 100% right at all times, especially as all of our experiences and identities are different and unique and how incredibly amazing is that? 

You may be LGBTQ+ or be involved in diverse relationship structure i.e polyamory, kinks.

The reason why you come to therapy may or may not be about  your sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual lifestyle.

Regardless of what brought you to seeking therapy, I will work with you in a affirmative way which means I work in a way that is accepting and that values you for who you are. I strive to be aware of the specific challenges and judgement you may face in life and society and how this would impact you. 

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